Sunday, February 5, 2006


Okay. Typical first blog post, I know.

I'm just testing this out. Don't know if I'll keep it. I mostly just created it to post comments on "blogger only" blogs, like Bob Babinski's blog. Although I'm sure it will serve a good purpose.

Maybe it's time for a change... Have I outgrown LiveJournal? All my CEGEP friends have their blogs there. That's how I stay updated with their lives. No, I can't say they stay updated with mine, since most of my posts are quizzes. Maybe that's where I'll draw the line. LJ for fun stuff, Blogger for writing, reporting, creativity....

Yes! I will post all my assignments! Or those I'm most proud of.

Excellent. I like this. And now, I don't have to link people to my *not really a blog LiveJournal*. And I can comment, and link back to Laurie's blog as well!

Yes. That's the plan.

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