Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Cockling and Calendering

Three minutes. That's the time between the last speaker and the next. These presentations are loaded with information and I can't get it all down. I can consult the published papers, but it's more for my own curiosity.

There's so much data and scientific content, but it doesn't bother me. It's actually fun. I like being able to understand Mg(OH)2 and the significance of the strength of a correlation. My co-interns are not as amused. One seems confused; the other is glad she's taking "Chemistry in Our Lives" as general education so she can be relieved, at times, that she recognizes words.

I've always been like that, though. I've always been interested in anything and everything, and able to comprehend a wide range of topics. Except football. Which is a bad thing considering I want to be a sports reporter. I even mostly get rugby! But not football. I mean, I understand the topic, mostly, and some of the rules. I know what a down and a touchdown are. But I wouldn't feel confident enough to express myself on it.

Well, time's up! Lets flip the pages and take notes on graduate student Kathryn Kwong's Masters research on Modeling the Compression of Three dimensional Fibre Networks Using Dynamic finite element analysis.

Oh, and the Finnish guy was hot. Love the accent.

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