Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Quick Recap/Follow-up

Well, for those keep track of these things, I got a C+ on my mini doc. But don't worry (why would you, it's my grade?), C+ was the most common grade for this assignment. The highest mark was a B, the lowest were fails...

Apparently, in our department, a C is not a bad grade. It means that the work was/is acceptable, satisfactory, but not extraordinary in any way. In other words, if it had to air, it could. But probably wouldn't.

I'm still looking for a job, and for any summer opportunities. If anyone hears anything, and I mean anything (as long as it pays $10/h +++) then I'm in!

Today, I handed in my 316 (Print Law and Ethics) assignments. That's the midterm (law final) and the first assignment for Enn's part. I'm proud of myself for finishing them early. The deadline is on Thursday, at 4:30, and there is no class that day. Which means that I have no more school for the week!! :)

However, I do have a busy schedule, even if there's no "work" shifts. Tomorrow at 4, I'm meeting with Francesca (haven't seen her since the first week of school!!!) for drinks/coffee. Thursday morning, I'm interviewing Cecilia Anderson again, for a follow up on the Olympics. That might end up being my radio assignment AND my 201 meeting 2 assignment, on top of being an article for the Link. Excellent. I like bylines :)

I did a few tentative schedules, and I will take 5 classes each of the next 2 semesters (not including Summer). This means that I will have 1 class left, a full-year course, advanced television, to graduate with a Specialization in Journalism. I will also have 1 general ed class left, but I want to get rid of that in the summer semester.

This is assuming that my RELI 310 credit can be transfered to RELIZ 310 (the general ed course). Otherwise, I have 2 more general ed classes to go. Still. It would completely suck, and I say suck, to have 1 class left. Sure, I could take it part-time. That means lots of time for work. Except that people don't hire you without a bachelors, and there are not many places to work in the media in Montreal. At least not in what I want to do.

If I don't get a major internship next year, say, for the Gazette, or another major publication, I don't know if I will make it. I will also be applying to radio and TV internships, but I don't know if I'm good enough for them ;) Sure, the camera loves me, but hey... that's not all there is ;)

I could also take additional classes, in journalism, and maybe in communications or something else, but then I have to think of tuition fees. The best option, I think, would be to get a REAL job with 1 class left. I will be meeting with Enn sometime next week to get details on my options.

Also, I have been struggling with finding newsy topics for my classes. I feel a little lethargic and lazy, and I've got to say, I'm more than slightly stressed about, well, everything these days.

Ryan (my bf) will be starting at CDI next week In addition to working full-time, he will be studying full time. That means less income, which means I really need a good job. It also means a lot less time spent together, well, a lot less time in general. Which means that cleaning etc is going to be tough. This also means a lot more stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ha! You know what always amuses me? funny commercials. No matter what they are. And when I see them, it puts me in a good mood, no matter what. And I have to sing the songs.
Some commercials remind me of Spencer, Ryan's lil bro, because we both sing songs ;)
For example, I still remember, when I first met him... One of the first car rides, his dad put the song "Hot Blooded" on. And Spencer was shy, but then started air-guitaring it, and singing it.
And since then, "Hot Blooded" makes me think of him. And I sing it in a childish way too. And it's in that Pepsi commercial.


I'm flipping between the hockey game and American Idol, and it's absolutely amazing, stunning, incredible...

Technology, that is. I can't wait for TiVo to really come to Canada. There are so many times when I want to watch more than 1 thing at a time, but I can't record and watch two different things. For example, yesterday, I wanted to watch the Apprentice, 24, CSI:Miami and Project Runway.
Here's where it gets complicated. 24 and the Apprentice are on at 9. 24 is also on at 10, with CSI:Miami and Project Runway. Which means I have to choose 2 out of 4. So we watched 24, then CSI:Miami.

Today, I want to watch the hockey game, but I also want to see who messes up on American Idol. Call me a junkie, but hey... My interests are so broad, I have to watch about a billion shows to satisfy all my cravings.

The other technological advance that I find exceptional, well, I just found out about it. If you look closely at the boards in the Nassau Memorial Coliseum in the Habs vs. NYI game, at both ends of the ice.... that's right! Those are animated billboards. Like a mini jumbotron (a tron?), on the boards... What happens if someone gets checked into it? Do the pixels die?

And isn't it truly amazing what technology has accomplished in this day and age? (cliche, I know... MUST avoid CATS)

But seriously. Im a gadget freak. And that's a great gadget.

/me signs off

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