Thursday, February 16, 2006

First Mini-Doc

I will be handing in my mini-doc for JOUR 203 tomorrow, at the CJAD Open House. I really like it, considering I did it in 3 days, during an internship, and having only 2 days to collect sound with a mini-disk recorder. So I decided to post it ;)

Here's the link to the audio (WMA), zipped. Let me know if it doens't work:

Here's my script... Don't worry, the original has a slug, and is formatted in radio style ;)

Announcer’s Intro:
It’s awards show season. The Grammys were last week and the Oscars are coming up, not to mention Canadian shows. With so much to watch and so little time, is it any wonder that ratings are down? Naila Jinnah has the story.

Wild sound:
IN CUE: “And the Grammy…” OUT CUE: Brokeback theme (6 secs)

Reporter’s copy:
It’s that time of the year again. Grammys, Oscars, Junos… Award show season is upon us. Despite organizers’ attempts to start stud the events, ratings are down. Only 15 million viewers tuned into the Grammys on Wednesday night, compared to 19 million in 2005. I went to the Paramount theatre in downtown Montreal, a hotspot for trendy teens. Fourteen-year-old Anthony thinks there are too many awards ceremonies.

IN CUE: “Yeah pretty much…”
OUT CUE: “… a month or something”

Thirteen-year-old Jade mostly disagrees with the critics who give the awards, yet she still watches the ceremony.

IN CUE: “I like like…”
OUT CUE: “sound live.”

Jade’s friend Phoenix, who is eleven, likes to see artists collaborating.

IN CUE: “I watch it also…”
OUT CUE: “… and Linkin Park”

Performance-wise, Phoenix has got it right. The show at the Grammys was one of the best in recent years. Critics and artists alike agree that performing is often better than winning. Album sales go up, whether they get the statue or not. In fact, Jade believes critics are often wrong in their choices.

IN CUE: “I think that…”
OUT CUE: “…gonna see it.”

Jade hit a sore spot for most awards shows, staying updated with today’s youth. The industry’s major market is hooked on entertainment, as Phoenix explains.

IN CUE: “I find them…”
OUT CUE: “… make conversation.”

Entertainment seems to be the key for Anthony as well. And for him, that means comedy.

IN CUE: “I don’t know…”
OUT CUE: “…boring.”

So while each award show has its highs and lows, there’s no question that it’s entertaining. Even for someone who is not at all interested in the awards. Twenty-one-year old Galia explains how she gets a kick out of the show.

IN CUE: “It’s no surprise…”
OUT CUE: “…best part.”

Galia might be cynical, but there’s no denying that a great fall is very entertaining. Add a few more performers and a funny host, and you’ll have a recipe for success. Maybe that’s what the low ratings are all about.

For Concordia News, I’m Naila Jinnah.


Well, that's it. I wonder if anyone actually reads this :O
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