Monday, February 6, 2006

I really can't stay... -Baby it's cold outside...

Why is it always easier to get out of bed when you know you have to get up? For a meeting, or interview, for example. But when you just want to kick start your day, you'll press the snooze button at least twice...

Metso attendees are slowly filing into the room for Part 3 of the company's presentation at PaperWeek International 2006. I'm here on behalf of The Reporter, Pulp and Paper Canada's daily publication for the week. It's my first media related internship, and so far, it's not too challenging or exciting. Although, to be fair, Pulp and Paper is something hard to be enthusiastic about. It's mostly numbers and technical info.

One of my co-interns had her Gazette internship cover-letter on her USB key. She said one of her friends got a call, and the internship. She doesn't think she got it. I'll have to check the mail for my (rejection) "Thank You" letter when I get home.

I never used to put -30- at the end of my articles. It wasn't until recently that I started doing it, because I thought it was cool. I suppose it made me feel more professional. I found out recently, in my 318 class with Leo Gervais, that -30- was inscribed at the end of articles for the benefit of copy-editors and layout people. so they are certain that there is no more text. This way, you're sure your article will be printed in full and make sense.

Well, the presentation is about to start. The room is almost full, but not quite yet. Time to turn over a new (leaf) sheet on my notepad.

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