Thursday, January 18, 2007

The power of yoga

I was thinking about what Mike Boone had said about the Montreal Canadiens needing a yoga retreat, and I think it might actually work! Picture this:

Twenty-three muscular Montreal Canadiens players sitting cross-legged in three rows on the floor. They're saying "ohm" and trying to balance their chakras.

I can just see Sheldon Souray thinking that the yoga won't solve any problems, but he'll try anything once... and then struggling to rid his mind of thoughts of world peace and international politics.

And there's Saku Koivu, sitting front and centre, already in a deep meditative state, his mind blank as the Finnish snow.

Then there's Aaron Downey, who is having trouble sitting still because his groin just isn't used to this type of stretching. All he can think about is the punching bag in the other room, and how good a Bell Centre hot dog would be just about now.

And don't forget Cristobal Huet and David Aebischer! They're thinking this yoga thing is easy on the knees, and they should do it more often!

And on the other side of the room, we see Sergei Samsonov and Alex Kovalev, who don't really understand yoga, but really want to prove to everyone that they can do it!

And of course, there's Mike Komisarek and Chris Higgins in the back corner in perfect yoga form. They think this is way too easy, but are sitting still because they want to show off.

Yup, I can see it now. It would make a hell of a picture!

Note 1: The expression, "It would make a hell of a picture!" was coined by Montreal Gazette photographer and my photojournalism teacher, Phil Carpenter.

Note 2: This is meant as a piece of humor, so feel free to laugh out loud! If you don't like it, simply click on the giant X in the big red square at the top of your screen. No, not with your finger. With the clicky thing.


  1. Dunno about the Habs, but I know Vincent Lecavalier and Nikita Alexeev include yoga as part of their off-season training. They study with West Island yogi Yasmin Gow, who I did a story on for the Chronicle last summer. She's also, incidentally, a Concordia j-school grad AND is related to Bob Babinski! Small world, isn't it?

  2. It really is!!! Christopher Higins and Mike Komisarek did yoga during the offseason as well, at an institute in New York, Long Island actually. They're both from around there, so it worked out well!

    That's why they were so cocky ;)