Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Netscape: The social news site

You guys should check out Netscape. The NEW Netscape. It's a social news site, kinda like Fark or Digg, where people submit news stories, and tag them, and then other people vote and comment on them.

There are several different categories, like Do No Evil, Gadgets and Tech, Politics, Celebrities, Popular Videos, and much more!

The coolest part of it all is that it's not your typical social news site, where users completely dictate the front page material. There are a team of navigators and anchors that help provide a frame to the site, so the front page stuff isn't just a stupid article submitted by the guy who has the most friends.

There's also a clever duplication check system that forces you to make sure your story hasn't been submitted before. Stories with the same headline or URL will not be accepted twice.

It becomes an addiction and a competition... Everyone wants homepage articals. So far, I've got 2 ;)

In a few short months... 1 or 2... I've become one of the top submitters on the site. I find that I know more about the world, my world, and all kinda cool stuff I would never had known if it weren't for Netscape.

So, to make a long story short, join Netscape, and ADD me. starshinediva, of course ;)

Thankies! :D

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  1. Welcome to Netscape Starshinediva, your submitting great stuff, and are a very active member.
    John, aka:pagey