Thursday, November 22, 2007

Today, I woke up with a smile

I was in bed.... since about 8:30, tossing and turning... then around 9 I decided I needed to get up...
I could hear the frost and snow and frozen rain coming down, and really didn't feel like getting up... But finally, at 9:30, I forced myself up. Enough, I thought, I need to get up before my shoulder gets any more painful...
And I go to the washroom, as usual. I'm walking back into my room to turn on the computer, wondering if I should go get the newspaper, when the doorbell rings.
In a second, I wonder if I'm decent in my PJs, if my mom is back for lunch REALLY early, if someone's car broke down and needs help, or if my brother is expecting a package.
I head downstairs and can see a delivery guy and the box out of the windows alongside the door.
I answer, and he asks if I'm Naila Jinnah. Of course, that's me.
Now I'm wondering if I ordered something I forgot about... and why it's arriving by Fed Ex.
Most of the stuff I order is UPS or DHL, but I haven't really ever used FedEx.
The guy has forgotten his special pen in the truck. Meanwhile, I bring in the grocery pamphlets. The package is in my hands, but for some reason, I'm not looking at it yet.
I sign my name, thank him, and lock the door.
Then I start looking for any indication of the origin of the package.
I finally find the sender's name and address.
Stephanie Boutin. I recognize that name, but I'm not sure from where.
The next line says, "Boutique Souvenir".
I think, did I order something from the Habs? Unknowingly? Is someone sending me an early Xmas gift?
Of course, the address seals the deal. St-Antoine. It's definitely the Bell Centre.
Now I'm excited. I'm curious. I want to know.
I grab a knife and cut the box open, fighting with the stupid tape.
And it's filled with brown paper.
I think, "oh. Okay."
I dig through the paper and see bubbly paper... and within it, this circular black object.
It's a puck.
Then it comes flooding back.
The FedEx practice puck contest!!!!
I have won a puck from the Nov. 19th warmups.
I am so excited!!! I can see the scratches and marks and stick lines. There's even a cut on one side! The puck bears the NHL insignia and the slogan, "official practice puck", half erased by play. The rim states that the puck is official and made in Canada.
What joy! They still use Canadian-made pucks!
The puck comes with a souvenir box and stand, printed with a Montreal Canadiens and FedEx logo. I also get a certificate of authenticity.
I almost feel like reverting back to my teen days and getting it autographed.
And now, I can't stop smiling!

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