Thursday, November 22, 2007

Running through my head (no scissors involved)

* I can't believe I've had a computer since 1993. I was 8. I've been using the Internet since 1994. All my decision-making life, I've had access to computers and the Internet. Crazy.

* I wish I lived in Western Canada so I could go to country music shows. Why, oh why must country stars shun the great East? Some stars don't even play in Toronto or Ottawa, places I could justify traveling to for a show.

* I am completely, totally, extremely excited about the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert tonight. It's snowing, and while that means dangerous roads, it's the perfect setting for tonight's show. TSO brings the snow. Most importantly, I'm very excited about spending the night with some very special people in my life. Also, I like that I can actually get work done during the show... I need to screen all of TSO's hits to choose one for our newscast.

* Hot tubs might be gross because of all that random dead skin floating around, but the gym is grosser. Can you imagine getting other peoples' sweat, germs, and phlegm all over you? That's why I work out at home. That's also why I don't work out so much. PS: Doing groceries is pretty gross too.

* I will not change for a boy. At least, not a lot. I won't change my habits to meet a boy. I won't go out of my way to get a boy to like me. If you can't appreciate me as is, then you won't appreciate me if I change. All women should follow this creed, and the cretins would die out... Hopefully.


  1. TSO? Is your last newscast a theme show about railroads, Russia or Christmas? :P

  2. Why, Christmas of course! Although I've been wanting to do stuff on trains and Russia is on my "must visit" list, so it could be either, really.

  3. I would love to make a seamless audiovisual collage of what Christmas in Montreal looks like. No interviews, no conventional journalistic storytelling, no narrative even, just pure cinema-verite and diegetic sound. Like a seasonal postcard with moving pictures. Totally indulgent, but it'd be so much fun.
    I suppose the most logical choice would be the Christmas Canon, though in a newscast it'd be rather cheesy, so unless that's the desired impact... BTW, Manheim Steamroller does a good rendition of O Come O Come Emmanuel, if you're doing something on churches.

  4. Oooh! That DOES sound like fun!! We're not doing any church stuff, but thanks for the tip!! :)