Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Olympic flag stolen from Vancouver City Hall

I'm interning at CJAD 800 News (a Montreal radio station) today, and this just came in over the wires:

VANCOUVER -- Someone has literally ripped off the Olympic flag that had been flying outside Vancouver City Hall.

Police Constable Tim Fanning says the thieves cut a cable on the flagpole which caused the flag to come crashing down, damaging the pole.

The flag itself was then ripped away, leaving nothing but shreds behind.

Vancouver Olympic committee spokeswoman Renee Smith-Valade says she doesn't know if the theft was a protest against the Games.

Last month, protesters crashed a ceremony to unveil an Olympic countdown clock in downtown Vancouver.

The theft happened while an inspection team from the International Olympic Committee is visiting Vancouver to see the progress of the city's preparation for the 2010 Winter Games.

Canadian Olympic Committee President Michael Chambers calls the theft frustrating, saying it stains the history of the Olympics and the athletes who have participated in the games.

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