Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tom Cruise and Placentas

Someone on my Counter-Strike forums, |BOSS|, posted this link, which led to a discussion about Tom Cruise having "lost it"

Here was my reply:

1) Baby was born on the 18th. Read about it here

It's a girl, named Suri

2) The placenta is the most nutritious thing ever. I'm considering eating mine. So many nutrients, helps the mother (and anyone else) recuperate after giving it all away (haha, pun intended wink.gif)
Find out about placenta eating here

And find recipes here

3) Tom Cruise was joking:

Read about it here

Best article for all of this (if you gotta read just one), click here



I love that kind of post. Informing people, short and point form, almost. I wish I could have a column. Like that. With links like this one on Star Trek and synthehol.

I'm thinking, in light of recent events, of query-ing the Gazette for a column during the regular hockey season. Of course, space is one of the issues, so I wouldn't mind it being only online. It would be in the form of "Diary of a Habs Fan", with an analysis for every game, but also, little, exterior things. The concept is great for a book, which was my original idea. I need to adapt it though, before presenting it or anything.

Either way, I totally need to start writing about sports again. We'll see if I kick it off during the playoffs.

Time for some translations...

Stay tuned...

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