Sunday, June 28, 2009

East Meets Western

Remember that documentary I participated in at the Calgary Stampede last year? Well, it's airing TONIGHT!

Entitled "East Meets Western", this documentary, produced by White Iron Pictures takes a look at the two seemingly disparate cultures of the Calgary Ismaili community and the events of the Stampede. It focuses on how volunteerism, commitment and mutual support links them and reveals the remarkable similarities between the two.

The complete press release has been making the Internet rounds. You can watch the trailer & sneak preview here.

The documentary will be airing on OMNI in Ontario, Alberta and B.C., in English and - get this! - in Hindi! You can watch me make my national TV debut when the doc premieres on Sunday, June 28th at 10pm on OMNI.2 in Ontario, 10pm local time on OMNI.1 in Calgary and Edmonton, and 8pm local time in Victoria and Vancouver, on OMNI.1.

That's all in English. The Hindi version premieres on OMNI.2 in Ontario on Sunday July 5th at 7pm.

I, unfortunately, don't get OMNI, so I will be counting on you to let me know how foolish I look and sound when I'm excited. I mean, come on! Country music, rides, TV production AND meeting new people? There's no way I'll come off as the smart, cultured person I truly am!

Hopefully I'll get my copy of the doc - and the gazillions of pictures that were taken during its production - at some point soon so you can laugh WITH me, not AT me.

So cancel all your plans, set your PVRs (or VCR if you still have one!) and watch "East Meets Western" on OMNI tonight!

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  1. Hey,

    I was in that documentary too! I missed the chance to watch it but am hoping to find a copy ASAP. Please let me know if you recieve one or find one online or what not. Thanks so much!