Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TV Thoughts

Yesterday's Heroes was many ways of awesome. But first off, I need to point out that while Zachary Quinto could pull off a convincing Spock, he reminds me more of Christopher Higgins, of Montreal Canadiens fame.

Next, Heroes came to Montreal!!!!! Sure, it was sort of an obvious assumption based on the previous show (and the promos!), but it was really cool when it finally happened. Too bad the outdoor scene lasted all of 20 seconds, and I missed part of it. I wonder who that Adam guy is, and if they'll actually film in Montreal. So far, I haven't heard that they have...

I really like the split in Maya and Alejandro's characters, and the Claire storyline is getting more... dangerous, shall we say?
As for point two of awesomeness... The Ukrainian guy was in Red October. I know, I know... it's sort of geeky, but that's what I love about Heroes! They take all our secret geek fantasies and put them into one beautifully packaged show.

On to a different kind of TV...

Our first newscast is now on YouTube, courtesy of Elias Makos.
It was Group 3's first newscast, and my first Assignment Editor position of the term/year. I also did a reporting stint and a one-on-one interview with Mike Boone. I'd love to get feedback on anything from flow to visuals, to specific comments about reports...

Bonus incentive? The chimps!!!

Stay tuned...


  1. Anonymously Kullkullan again.....

    I'm hating this error I keep getting.

    Well, I originally completely missed the first season of Heroes, and I am currently on 'chapter 10' with the DVD's. I have done my absolute best to make sure that Season 2 is taped and ready to go once I'm done with Season 1.

    Lo' and Behold....yer' bloggin about Heroes! Note to self, skip everything Nailah blogs at this point about the show. The spoilers (however small) burnt my retinas, and I swear that my spleen cramped while ' reading your thoughts'(no Heroes pun intended).

    I'll get back to you when I'm up to date and I have recovered my breath.

  2. LOL!!! I'll try to put a spoilers note, just for you ;)

    I usually try not to give too much away. The season premieres series on my blog was pretty vague for that exact reason ;)

  3. Heroes Spoiler alert, threat level "mild":

    I think they cheaped out, because the outdoor "Montreal" scene, which you mentioned was 20 seconds long tops, looked completely green-screened. The corners of the street we saw in the image were St-Laurent and St-Jaques, which is in Old Montreal, not too far from the Notre-Dame basilica. You can get a good look at it on GoogleMaps. I'm not intimately familiar with that street corner, but I'm pretty sure the view of the Basilica isn't the same as what was shown in that 20 second scene.

    - Ross

  4. Awww... that's so sad :(

    I actually missed the street sign part because I looked down at that exact moment, so I basically missed the whole setup scene.

    I'm not surprised they didn't come shoot here, especially just for one shot. If they had, I'm sure we would have read all about it in the Gazette!