Friday, February 16, 2007

Snow Patrol Tour Reporter Contest

I just participated in the Snow Patrol Tour Reporter Contest!!!
Unfortunately, I haven't been receiving my regular email updates, but fortunately, I didn't miss the deadline.
This time around - last time, the program was created AFTER the Montreal date - Snow Patrol is going pro. This means you need to be a budding journalist or photographer. I know I could do both... but I'd much rather be the reporter!

Here's my 100 word (or so) application:

As a budding journalist and a huge Snow Patrol fan, I am in awe at this opportunity. There was no tour reporter program for the last Montreal date, so I was understandably jealous of all the lucky winners. This time, I will be the one to make others jealous!

With experience in print, radio, TV and photojournalism, I am the perfect candidate for the job. Music was my first love - then I learned how to read and write. Still, my piano and vocal training provides me with unique insights, and my often complimented interview and writing skills will surely be useful. For samples:

The winner is contacted only 3 days before the concert date... I'll be waiting!

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