Friday, December 15, 2006

Netscape... The NEW Netscape!

I have to thank Wil Wheaton, once again, for introducing me to something great. Awesome. Hawesome even!

Netscape. Always used to be the bane of my existence. Stupid Netscape!!! Grumble Grumble Shake fist wildly!!!

And now, Netscape is my saviour! Well, not quite, but maybe.
You see, I knew about these websites where you could link to news stories and start discussions and things like that, but for some reason, it never really clicked that I could be doing that.
Even when I joined Netscape so I could "friend" Wil - I am not a stalker, I swear - I didn't realize that I could do what he was doing...
And then, this morning, a friend (that's you, Kris!) told me about Left Behind: Eternal Forces. The video game that's trying to replace sex and violence with prayer... by encouraging you to convert - or kill - infidels in post-rapture New York City.

Of course, I wanted to know more and the game's name! and so I googled "Kill Christians game". And lo and behold, the first link that looked promising, and that I clicked on of course, was Netscape.

That's when I realized this could actually be something good. Of course, I know all about cookies and search engines... But still... It was a wake up call.

Bye bye endless facebook shares that my friends don't really want to read anyways... Hello Netscape and eternal sharing off cool news - to me - and hopefully to you too...

See you on the Intertubes!!

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