Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Medical Tricorder anyone?

Dude... this is essentially the first step towards a medical tricorder. How cool is that!?
Another way Star Trek technology promoted the advancement of REAL LIFE TECH!

TELUS launches all-in-one wireless medical database for healthcare professionals across Canada

TELUS Wireless Physician to save time and reduce medical errors

VANCOUVER, Oct. 31 /CNW/ - TELUS today announced the launch of TELUS
Wireless Physician, a program that places powerful and up-to-date medical drug
and diagnostic tools into the hands of health professionals on a wireless
handheld device, enabling them to make informed medical decisions and to
reduce the chance of errors.
TELUS Wireless Physician improves access to critical clinical information
for Canadian physicians by bringing together key elements of diagnosis and
prescription information in a convenient mobile medical technology package.
Using powerful mobile devices such as the Palm Treo 650 or 700wx and the
Motorola Q, all available from TELUS, doctors can access concise clinical
information during patient encounters wherever they are. The all-in-one
devices also provide phone, e-mail and Internet access capabilities.
"For doctors who are constantly on the move, the convenience of being
able to instantly access information on more than 3,300 drugs and 1,200
medical conditions allows professionals to make clinical decisions quickly and
confidently," said Barry Rivelis, vice-president, TELUS Business Solutions.
"TELUS is focused on helping healthcare providers gain quick, reliable and
secure access to health information across the continuum of care - anytime,
TELUS Wireless Physician leverages Epocrates Inc.'s premium application,
the Epocrates(R) Essentials guide to drugs, diseases and diagnostics.
Currently, more than 500,000 healthcare professionals worldwide, including
more than 20,000 in Canada actively use Epocrates' products. Clinicians can
use the application to answer many medical questions, providing direction on
the best drug to prescribe and offering diagnostic advice specific to the
symptoms a patient is presenting.
"Technological advances can improve patient care by helping healthcare
professionals make more accurate diagnoses more efficiently," said Dr. Alan
Brookstone, a practicing physician in Richmond, B.C. and a frequent speaker on
the use of clinical information systems in healthcare. "Not only does TELUS
Wireless Physician provide rapid access to concise reference and clinical
decision support information at the point of care, the most recent version of
Epocrates Essentials also includes Canadian-specific drug information. One of
the greatest benefits of TELUS Wireless Physician is its ability to wirelessly
synchronize and update Epocrates Essentials without having to connect to a
TELUS is responding to the needs of doctors for a solution that
consolidates their information and communications requirements into a single
device. With Wireless Physician residing on a single handheld device, doctors
can always have access to the most up-to-date medical information. Health
professionals can also use TELUS' national wireless network to schedule
automatic updates to their databases daily, weekly, or monthly.


I totally sent Star Trek.com an email about it!

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