Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Published? yey!

lol. Interesting title, in my opinion. For this entry, I mean.

Follow the link to see my Cecilia Anderson interview story. I co-wrote the head/subhead with the editor. We re-organized it together as well. And that last part, with the breakers, was actually a sidebar on a shaded box. My idea, again ;) And all the breakers were mine :P

It was so fun, that I am going to attempt to run for Sports editor. Because right now, I've promised 1 more article, on celebrity ambassadors etc. That's for cultural week, or something like that. And I need 1 more contribution after that to qualify as a staff writer, and to be able to run for editor. Sports editor, I mean.

I will also be applying to be a TA next year. Which would be most excellent. :D Because it's not too many hours. It's like, 10-12 hours. And as far as I know, it pays pretty well. By pretty well, I mean about 10$/h.

Also, tomorrow, I'm going to interview Enn Raudsepp, the program director. My story will focus on him as a journalism ethics professor, in regards to the CMAJ firings, and the CMA interfering in editorial decisions.

So I will be waking up relatively early for the fourth day in a row. Remember, I'm used to sleeping in on Wednesday and Thursday. Not gonna happen. Maybe I'll get to sleep in on Friday, especially since it'll be the first day since Ryan started school, that we actually get to interact for more than 10 minutes in the day. Actually, today, we've actually interacted for about 2 hours now. Well, not much interacted, but we're in the same room together, and not sleeping! :D


Friday, lunch with Ryan's mom and lil bro (Spring Break). Then, BORG NIGHT!!!! :D
With Maya, David, Katie, and Ryan, of course.

Speaking of Maya, she's so cool! We get all each other's random references. Such as "SPOON!" or "I AM A BANANA!!!" or "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROY JENNNNNKINGS".

And she likes the Trek ;) We're actually quite similar on some levels :) Which makes me happy. Because it means I'm not the only crazy one.

Ryan and I are going over to Maya's appartment for a curry supper on Thursday night. :D Yey! No cooking! :P

And now, I will leave you to do more important stuff. I mean, YOU will go do more important stuff. I'm going to be watching American Idol, because I don't have City TV. Which means I don't get to see the 2 hour America's Next Top Model show. At least Fashion Television will be getting it soon. Hopefully.

Thanks to all for reading, and stay tuned for more developpments ;)


  1. i AM so cool!!!

    so cool!

    <3 naila and maya foreverrrr


  2. mmmmmm

    be my sexy girlfriend!!!